Your First Visit:

Your first visit to our office is an easy one.  Heart, our wonderful Office Manager, will welcome you and make you feel comfortable.  After you complete your Case History and Pain Chart (or hand in the ones you completed from the website at home), Heart will take you into a Relaxation Room where you will lie down on a warm couch.  The heat on your back and neck will help to ease the tension throughout your body.

You will then meet Dr. Kebby Margaretich and the two of you will discuss your health history, your concerns and your immediate needs if you are in pain at this moment.

The doctor will give you a thorough chiropractic examination which will include your reflexes, testing your ability to turn and bend, issues with your posture and other neurological, physical and orthopedic examinations.  All of these tests are done to help determine and understand your unique condition and how we can best help you.

Doctor will then give you his report of results of the testing and explain what treatment is the right one for you now and to continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Using chiropractic adjustments that are gentle enough for children, Dr. Kebby will help you restore movement and function and ease your pain.  There may be exercises you can perform at home to help the healing process.  The goal will be to help you make simple changes to maintain your healthy lifestyle.

Office Hours

Tuesday-Friday 8:30-5pm
Saturday-8:30-12 Noon
(Closed for lunch 12-2)

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