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After finishing an extremely rigorous curriculum to gain my Doctorate of Chiropractic degree and completing a residency working with patients in a clinical setting where we are supervised by licensed doctors of Chiropractic, and passing all necessary tests, I obtained my license as a Professional Health Care Provider in the State of California in 1994. Although my training is similar to that of medical doctors, our treatment plans do differ.

If you have an infection or a broken bone or you need surgery, then you would see a medical doctor trained in the treatment of those conditions.  However; if you have arthritic pain, headaches, lower back pain, etc. (see Chiropractic Care).

I Offer a Complete Plan for Your Returning to a Healthy Lifestyle

Job #1: Relieve the Pain

If you are in pain when you come to the office for your first visit, my first job is to help you feel better before you leave the office. Depending on the severity of your problem, I will work out a schedule of gentle care and exercises for you to do at home to help you return to optimum health.

Job #2:  Corrective and Restorative Care

We work together to help your muscles and other tissues to heal more completely.  We keep increasing the healing exercises and talk about other elements to upgrade your general health.

Job #3:  Wellness Care

Your body is now healed and you come in for periodic care.  Just like seeing your dentist for preventative care, your continued participation in Chiropractic care will help to prevent further injuries by keeping your spine in alignment and by you continuing to follow good health protocols.


New Vision

  • Liquid Vitamins and Minerals
  • Flexrite™
  • Multi-Enzymes™

Douglas Labs

  • Wobenzyme®

Silver Mountain Minerals

  • Colloidal Silver


  • Insect Venom Antidote
  • Skin Cancer Cure

PHion Balance

  • pH Test Strips
  • pH Balance Products


  • Green Food – Veggie
  • E.S.F.A Supplements

Pure Prescriptions

  • National Health Solutions

Office Hours

Tuesday-Friday 8:30-5pm
Saturday-8:30-12 Noon
(Closed for lunch 12-2)

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