I’m a golf nut, so when I visited Dr. Kebby Margaretich for relief from what I’ve always called a “pinched nerve” I didn’t expect more than an adjustment to my spine. Well, I got that but then something even better. Dr. Kebby explained why I was having difficulty and why it was related to my golf–particularly to my swing and the bio-mechanics involved.

By explaining how I was approaching my swing training in a manner that was aggravating my lower back pain he made me realize how I should change my workout. I made some very simple changes in the exercises I was doing and in the way I swing the golf club, and some pretty amazing things happened.

First, my drives gained about 15 yards and any golfer will know how great that makes you feel.

Second, all my shots became less wild as my posture improved so my accuracy improved also and I knocked a few strokes off my scores.

Third, after about three weeks on this new routine the lower back pain that has dogged me for many years is virtually gone.

It’s amazing. He doesn’t even play golf!!

V. C.

Dr. Kebby Margaretich is a skilled and compassionate Chiropractor. On my first visit, I told him I had only received Chiropractic once before from another Chiropractor, and that it was a bad experience for me. He took the time to explain what he was going to do and why, and I observed that he approached each adjustment in a calm manner. He adjusted areas in my lower back, hips, and neck. I was grateful for his follow-up call the next day, as I was still experiencing discomfort in my neck. He was able to see me that day, and I was pain-free after the second neck adjustment. I have seen him a few times since, and find that I am able to relax more and more into the adjustments, and I the results have enabled me to continue my work as a Certified Massage Therapist in greater comfort. I have referred several of my clients to Dr. Margaretich, because I know he will give them the same level of excellent care that he gives me.

Alice Halford BA, CMT

I have been going to Kebby for over three months and he has helped with my low back pain. He is very instructive in after-care, suggesting stretches to do daily. My husband and I are really glad to be Kebby’s patients.

We have received very specific treatment and he always takes the time to find out if anything new is hurting and addresses the issue.

Thanks Dr. Kebby,

Ingrid Peterson

Dr. Margaretich is a professional who takes the time to learn what ails his patients and then proceeds to care for those patients in a calm, efficient and comfortabel manner. My pain issues have disappeared, and he has taught me some tools on how to remain pain free. I have complete confidence in Dr. Margaretich and highly recommend him to anyone needing chiropractic care.

Matt Enright

A few months ago I was experiencing tingling and numbness in my legs, and was being treated by a doctor. Dr. Kebby (as he likes to be called) was referred to me, and while reluctant to go at first, I made an appointment. I had relief after the first session. He took a very comprehensive, integrated approach to my overall health. The problem was a misalignment in my hip. In addition to explaining the problem, he educated me on the proper care and preventative exercises, which he demonstrated and worked with me on. I had just one follow-up session with Dr. Kebby. I haven’t had a recurring problem. I appreciated Dr. Kebby’s interest in empowering patients to maintain their own health while most medical practices insist on repeat visits. He’s a refreshing alternative to traditional health care.

Cheryl Noble

Dr. Kebby has been my chiropractor since 1994. When I started seeing him I had very bad headaches as well as several otyher issues. Within a year my headaches stopped and my health has improved dramatically. He is the best chiropractor I have ever seen.


I have been a chiropractic patient for over 35 years and have received treatment from a variety of chiropractors over the years and in different locations in which I have lived.

For five or six months this past summer, I had been suffering from low and mid-back pain, weakness in one leg, pain in sitting, pain in climbing stairs or walking hills, and trouble sleeping due to the pain. Unfortunately, I was not getting my normal relief from my chiropractic treatments. My daughter who had been dealing with a sacroiliac injury for years, recently became a patient of Dr. Kebby. She experienced positive results immediately and wanted me to make an appointment. My sacroiliac was practically immobile at that time.

I felt relief with my first visit, and the improvement has continued. I now have more motion in my sacroiliac than I have had in years, if ever. I am back to my normal activities and feel stronger than ever.


I would recommend Dr. Kebby Margaretich to any of my friends and family. Dr. Kebby listens to me and then tells me ahead of time what he is going to be doing to relieve my pain and how he is going to do it. Dr. Kebby makes me want to do the follow up, easy exercises at home to help the healing and to maintain good health.

It is a pleasure to know a health care professional who cares so much about his patients. Go see Dr. Kebby and get back to good health.


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